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        Home >> Service & Markets >> Custom Synthesis Services

        We want to help our customers get  ahead in their  markets.  We make our efforts to offer them innovative, customized,

        high-quality  solution.  We  offer  extensive  experience  in  the  delivery  of  tailored  solutions  and an uncompromising

        commitment to the material sciences markets, which guarantee optimal results to our customers.


        Our  custom  manufacturing  encompasses everything from advanced intermediates to highly complex components. Our

        mission is to help our customers achieve profit by,

          ●  Minimizing time-to-market

          ●  Limiting capital base

          ●  Optimizing costs


        Chemspec  Exclusive Synthesis takes pride in being fast,  reliable and flexible.  We work with a wide range of specialized

        technologies,  have highly skilled people,  and  can  also leverage our comprehensive experience acquired in the past 17



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