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        Home >> R & D >> R&D at Chemspec


          ●  Organic  synthesis  and  process  development  of  fine  chemicals  for  pharmaceutical  and liquid crystal industries,

        especially for chemistry involving fluorination,  chlorination,  boronic acid formation, Suzuki coupling, and hydrogenation

          ●  Enzymatic synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs using our unique high efficient and cost effective solid phase technology


          ●  Developing  economical,  safe,  and   eco-friendly  processes  for  manufacture  of  chemicals  for  liquid crystal and

        electronic products, pharmaceutical intermediates, and pharmaceutical APIs

          ●  Continuously improving process during the entire product life cycle

          ●  Focusing on supplying our customers with competitive advantage

        Research functional groups

          ●  Research   studies   for   pharmaceutical    chemicals,   including   custom  synthesis  and  process  development  of

        pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs

          ●  Research  studies  for  liquid  crystal   and   electronic  material  chemicals,  including  custom synthesis and process

        development of new products

          ●  Research studies for process innovation and improvement for both existing and new products

          ●  Drug  discovery  services,  including  custom  synthesis  or  self-development  of new reagent and new intermediate,

        especially those for synthesis of new innovative APIs

          ●  Process development and custom manufacturing in GMP kilo lab and GMP pilot plant

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