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             Shanghai Chemspec Corporation is a leading China-based contract manufacturer of highlyengineered specialty chemicals and a famous Chinese manufacturer of fluorinated specialty chemicals as well. Our products are mainly applied to electronics, pharmaceutical and other performance material industries by our customers worldwide.

             Headquartered in Shanghai, Chemspec has built up one R&D center (12,000M2) and 4 production sites in mainland China, which enableus to provide integrated services from R&Dto commercial production with timely delivery of high-quality products at competitive price.

             As a technology-driven company, Chemspec relies on its continuous innovations on technology as well as improvements on management to create values for customers. Our reputation for high quality, high purity reliable and technically advanced specialty chemical products has facilitated the development of strong relationships with major leading players in the dynamic industries we support, many of which have been customers for over 17 years.

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